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Theres people committing suicide over house mortgages in this Country. The Accumulation of Blatant Maladministration, Mismanagement and Gross Incompetence in A&I Organisations in Brisbane for instance, led to the Loss of Musgrave Park Aboriginal Corporation (M. As well as being a day and drop-in centre for many A&I and non-Indigenous homeless and street people. (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) for Human Rights. I tried to contact him (as a concerned and involved member of the Aboriginal and broader community of Brisbane) to find out the situation with FAIRA and why they were giving them () this money. The Difference being of course, is that to the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) the Past is Pure Gold and/or Big Money.! the Mbantua festival ( said to have cost million ) and only the tip of the iceberg. Of the billion dollars estimated expenditure on Aboriginal affairs/issues in this Country, how much is spent on these Cultural/Music Festivals and Sports Carnivals!? These shacks are their houses, their homes Simon Reeve. Her beautiful house made of mud, tree twigs and limbs. The people setting up shops to sell their meager goods in their spotless village. Jeff Mcmullensaid we are living in fourth world conditions ! Kept alive only in Les Malezerand Tom Calma's mind. C), a major service provider that was responsible for two (2) A&I hostels in Brisbane. FAIRA received a Gift, of Fifty Thousand Dollars (,000) last year (2009) from FAHCSIA qld. National Indigenous Times is a Private Concern and Does Not Have To Answer to A&I People. The Whitefulla Aussies did/do it, and members of the AVI have picked up on this practice and have grasped it with both hands. ) seem to be more concerned with Festivities/Celebrations/Carnivals ! She has to find a buyer to sell her bead-work to get money to feed her children. It really is embarrassing when people go on about us Aboriginals living in third world conditions. They certainly have No Answers to the Problems in this Country. Australia's first federal anti-discrimination law, the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth), aims to ensure that Australians of all backgrounds are treated equally and have the same opportunities. This Continuous International Bad-mouthing of Australian Society or, our fellow Australians is akin to Cutting our Nose Off to Spite Our Face. Many Full-Blood will accept and trust a white person before they would a yella-fulla or mixed blood Aboriginal whom they know will almost invariably exploit them. Since being here I have seen a lot of division amongst our indigenous race, which is sad. (seeing that they go over-sea's) in the last two (2) years or more. Many employed in these Financially Secure Areas for many years. As Elders, Leaders and Spokespeople, we must, not only Confront and Deal with These Issues, But Accept Some Responsibility For Them. And Special Measures will apply Only to High Achievers. This Restrictive Agenda of Aboriginal Rights has Reached it's use by date. Future Generations Will Encompass Embrace and Educate a Broader Vision of Human and Equal Rights. And so will our Opportunity of a Legitimate and Deserved Place of Significance in this Society. Those African American People that Dominate World Sports.? With the tens of thousands and generations of highly motivated and qualified Subcontinent people already here and involved in everything from bus and taxi drivers, railway workers to running their own businesses. alb)In this Country, being houseless is a chosen life style. In fact they can Participate and be part of it Immediately by Not Going To School.! The people Living in the Slums of Lagos in Nigeria. We are Still the most Disadvantaged people in the Whole World.! These other Black People, they just Put Us To Shame. This a major contributing factor to this Image Problem Other people including Anglo Aussies watch these shows and many have even been to and seen first-hand what's happening in these Countries look at us and shake their heads in dismay and even disgust. no doubt Les Malezer also knows he can relate the past with little fear of Contradiction. What if they just laugh and tell youse to Piss Off !? Mainly through Poor corporate governance practices and inadequate financial management. With Lack of Accountability being a Major Contributing Factor. It has been quite a learning experience for my children and I. As a well-known contributor, I confidently state that they (Murri Country Radio) have received from me, (mainly by faxes) than anyone else in the Whole World.! And Address the Blatant, Maladministration Mismanagement and Incompetence that is a Major and Ongoing Problem and Flaw in many A&I Organisations and Associated Services in inner City Brisbane. According to the People that speak for us in the Media. In The Multi-Cultural Society of the Future, Peoples with an Attitude or Agendas that are a Burden on Society will Not be Tolerated. But you can bet your bottom dollar he (she) won't be Aboriginal. And soon Discover that they Don't Need to go to School to enjoy this Laid Back and Responsibility Free Lifestyle. Many from substance abuse issues, mainly alcohol) (c. alb)These shows on TV lately about other Black People and how they live. Yet we can't seem to get ahead or even get on with life. The emphasis is on sympathy these days for future reference re. To many people with a Vested Interest in Victim-Hood. But I didn't know him very well and I must have missed something.! Then we have what Tigarefers to as, the Dominant Society. A Major Factor in the lives of the Original Peoples and Societies of This Country. The Inhospitable Interior, where Life for All, was Harsh and Unforgiving. Terrible for kids and the old and infirm, they went first. No mitigating circumstances with them old Blackfullas.! Like most Blackfullas, they/we just want to get on with their/our Lives.! The only real supporters, those Whitefulla Supporters, they ain't really Supporters At All.! Many good and well intentioned people were involved in the early years, including But starting from about ADC, and including ATSIC, it has all been about Money. If they want all the Glory and all the Money, then they have to accept some of the Blame.! And with Some Minerals and Resources still in the Ground. We as the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, we must reset our relationship with the rest of the Country....(alb)Well, this is how Governments deal with these issues, they offer Acceptance and Recognition as a Symbol/Token of a Friendship and of Future Better Understanding and Cooperation from the Aboriginal People. Then if some poor bastard stops and pulls out a packet to offer one, another half a dozen Blackfullas (most times drinking) will swamp the do-gooder and expect (and even demand) a cigarette also.! Once upon a time this was the role of the patrol officers, now it's the turn of the city slicker Aborigines with an axe to grind. (alb)The Mildura Fruit Company, seventy-five percent owned by the ( Chinese ) Shanghai Council. 8/9/13 ) I know the Chinese own the Bundaberg sugar mills. The Three Amigos are the most dangerous to our future. Contemporary Aboriginal Culture/Cultural Appropriateness; It's mostly all a Sham and a Rort. Almost non-existent 30 years ago, the rate of suicide and self-harm among the First Australians has reached crisis levels, particularly in remote communities and particularly among youth. ( I used to live there ) Though to their credit, many Hippies know more about the bush/bush-tucker than most Blackfullas ! (I used to) I noticed one alternative lifestyle bloke with a stall being interviewed by the woman from NITV, he stated that he was inspired by the Self-Respect shown by Indigenous people from overseas where he had previously visited. Between Mbantua festival chairman Neville Perkins, Imparja TV and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority. They just want to keep everyone feeling happy and warm and fuzzy. Just keep things in the realm of Dream-Time is their philosophy. (I'll get it right soon) (alb)NITV, the gubberment funded Gravy Train. Rather than be honest and upfront and state/say right from the beginning, we don't represent people on this issue, we are not here because a significant section of our Aboriginal community asked us or elected us to be. No, they all, including Tiga, chose to deliberately mislead the public. (13/10/2017 (alb)Australia, a Country of Climatic, Geographical and Social Contrast and Contradiction. Pippies, Oysters, and other tucker immediately available and all day. ) and the Grandstanding Antics and Stunts, and all the Police and Media Attention.! (13/12/2012.alb)These gestures, offerings, actions, initiatives, achievements and/or accomplishments, by the Aboriginal Elite and their Supporters of the many years, on reflection, it is/was all about Money. Or the natives are simply not smart or sophisticated enough to know what is right for them. ) I would probably be able to start to think/consider, that my job will/would be just about done. Or rather, the Sheer/Blind Stupidity of all these prominent Blackfellas that promote and pursue these issues ! They can dream to be like their idols the African American rappers/winners. Cultural Lives project manager, Mr Mc Conchie has spoken with hundreds of Elders, as have I, and we come to the same conclusions. Maybe they need to say they want to stage a Cultural/Music Festival. But the festival has been contaminated/defiled by grubby politicking. ( I'm researching this and au and there will be more on this soon. ) (alb)This festival is in Hippy Country where there is at least one every other weekend ! And are happy to play Jacky-Jacky and be mere spectators ! All old campaigners and not averse to a bit of misrepresentation by omission ! And I have drank and even slept in the the dry bed of the mighty Todd River ! Yet, The Special Measures Provisions within The Racial Discrimination Act actually entrenches Discrimination.! Provided it is deemed a noble form of discrimination. Our Fellow Aussies (Dad & Dave) are the Only Ones that have Ever done Anything for Us. For instance, Chinese restaurants dishing up stray cats as rabbit or chicken. Aussie ex-POWs from ww2 refusing to buy Japanese cars because of their treatment. This is a determining factor in Aboriginal society as well. And if you're Torres Strait Islander (Mud) get back even further.! I have found that not only is there division in the two races, but that there is division in the Aboriginal organisations in different towns. My comments were Not passed on to the intended recipients. As I have been acknowledged to be by the general manager himself.! And with their background it won't be long before these people will be involved in the running of this Country. I laughed and pointed out that especially up there it would be one long continuous party.! Many people classed as the Unemployed in actual fact are people that choose to, and live, quite happily on the dole. How they Made Their Own Houses out of waste materials including Cardboard and Plastic. I've sat there many times over years, the Small Park and outside the Markets South Brisbane. Snatches of the speech could possibly be heard at the back, by anyone that was listening. Parts of Redfern including the Block and Redfern Park is/was a place of Drinkers. I used to stay there when I used to visit from the North Coast of NSW two or three times a year. People that Other people including family and relations (or landlords) wouldn't put up with or Tolerate, because of their drunken and disagreeable lifestyles, behaviour and habits. Including the North Coast, South Coast, Moree, Walget, Kempsey, Grafton and all over NSW. Blackfellas won't put their own money in to support Congress ! He didn't say anything about them having to pay for anything. He will probably get money from FAHCSIA to prop Congress up for a while. He will no doubt find it hard to relinquish what could probably be the pinnacle of his achievement in the Activist area. And Samas a director of Murri Watch, was caught with his hands in the till there not long back ! And an open phone line with an old but working computer. I reckon it would be a huge waste of time asking them to reveal anything ! Many of these people work in the welfare area and they deal with Blackfellas every day ! Still Clinging to and Capitalising on their Past Achievements. It is Extremely Doubtful if they even know what the Problems Are.! This is why in the main, A&I people including street -people and the paint sniffers, have No Respect for their Oppressive, Tunnel-Visioned, One Dimensional Agendas. The law protects people across Australia from discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin, and immigration status. This Ongoing Condemnation of the Only People that Historically and Morally Have Any Obligation and Genuine Sympathy To and For The Aboriginal People of Australia is the Actions and Agendas of People that are Dangerous in Their Stupidity and Ignorance. If you're white you're right, if you're brown hang around, if you're black get back. We all need to work together as the two indigenous races of Australia to better ourselves as people and to help our young ones. Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA) how much.? And I have the faxes and transmission reports to prove it.! I tell a lot of Aboriginal people including mostly the youth, Youse want to get off your arses and get going. The Runners, the Boxers, all them Basketball and Baseball players.? And as registrars and consultants in charge of hospitals. A neighbour was complaining the other day about his wife being homeless (houseless) in Cairns. The first one was how a Whole Community Lived in and on the City dump. Yet the children going to school immaculately dressed. One Indian woman sorting plastic all day in extreme conditions in the city dump so her two kids can go to school and get an education. These people are not just existing, they are thriving.! As the Narrator said They have No Time for Self-Pity. Especially in places like, Redfern, Black Theatre, Mathew Talbot Hostel, the Cross in Sydney, the Valley and around West End in Brisbane where many Blackfullas congregate, and have for years, begging and harassing people for cigarettes and money for more grog. * Legitimate criticism by active, and prominent members of the the Aboriginal Community of Inner City Brisbane, that I could name. (alb) was saying and most of the reaction was from the Whitefulla audience. They/we weren't going to waste good drinking time listening to politicians.! Goomies, also Extreme Drunks and Social Misfits and/or Outcasts. How many dialysis machines could that have paid for.? Oh, Les would have gotten a good whack out of it of course.! Been around/accessing Gubberment funding for a long time ! Leswill drag the Congress around like a hermit crab drags it's shell. And not to forget he is an expert on milking governments for money. And don't forget, Lila Watsonis the mother of Sam Watson. many thousands of them living and working here that ain't going anywhere !?

Most of the present long-established organisations services i.e. They could no more represent the A&I Community than the local supermarket, chemist or even hotel. In other words, what we have is more "misrepresentation by omission" and more "obtaining money" under "false" pretences. Even though my facial features are probably at least as Aboriginal as 's involvement as a Leading Player in the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) has delivered him a lifestyle that he would have only been able to dream about if not for the inherited knowledge and without the Influence Guidance and Support of his immediate relatives (these days, A couple of things, firstly my computer is a bit old and not in the best condition (like me) and I am trying to arrange for a newer and better one (I have to pay for it as I haven't got my Snout in the Gubberment Money Trough like As I have indicated, I have a Copy of the Damming Evidence (smoking gun.! And the doctors have told me that I have at least a couple of years left yet (copd ). No Salvoes to bring food out to the house and give them twenty or thirty dollar food vouchers (or is it more now? This is because we all live in White-fella society. They could do, or be ordered to do Cultural Education and Training as part of their sentence. And all the Symbolism/Tokenism in the World ain't gonna fix it . Native Title caused untold and acrimonious and eternal Division in Aboriginal Communities. Most of the Cultural Initiatives afforded by claims have all gone broke or were abandoned. The Congress is merely an Extension and an Expansion of this practice, you are actually supporting policies that promote racism and are racist! In Traditional Aboriginal Society, anyone that tried to force and to impose their Personal Agendas and Issues on a Tribe and Cause Much Argument and Personal Conflict even with Elders in these never-ending Disputes with each other, like these Blackfullas are doing today, would be Bashed Senseless with a Nulla-nulla (but looked after) then, when they were able, be told by them Old Blackfullas and in No Uncertain Terms, that they would be better of going somewhere else and Starting their own Tribe.! In his Never Ending Obstinate and Ignorant One -Dimensional Pursuance of this Divisive Symbolic Sovereignty Issue.! And were talking about people that one would already be hard pressed to get an agreement on what day it is.! And in Fact, Must accept Responsibility for the Problems of Today. And if there is more than one successful claimant.? However, what is here will be left here and I will continue to edit. And I am Well Aware that a lot this stuff is already Borderline ! Mary Grahamwas/is at odds with Bob Weatherallthe President of the APG. Outside of Mathew Talbothostel on the concrete, as elsewhere. From over-imprisonment and Child Abuse to and Substance Abuse and Family Violence. Maybe more could have been achieved without the Grand-Standing as all we have now is a divided /fractured Society. And it is Very Debatable as to what Advantage it is /was to Aboriginal People. All these Aboriginal Specific Organisations and Services, Initiatives and Programs including, Rehabs, Hostels, Land Councils, welfare/Legal and Health Services, All these Symbols/Tokens of Aboriginal Advancement and of Justice (and Division) have Failed. In the old days Kings were appointed and given breast-plates to signify their authority to speak on behalf of Aboriginal People. If you are Serious, then you should Discard your Breast-Plate of Token Authority and Immediately Resign. all Aboriginal Specific Organisations, Services, Initiatives and Programs, we would still be here and still doing pretty much the same as we are doing now.! And without other Blackfullas trying to Run our lives for us.! 17/1/2013 alb)It has been said to me Arthur, you could get sued for a lot of this stuff on your website. The question was then asked, what if someone did sue you.? Well, I will just Play Jacky-Jacky and act Dumb like everyone else does. Then they can have Twenty Dollars ( ) a fortnight out of my pension, like everyone else pays. Unfortunately, Lila and Mary, like so many long-time full-time activists, would not have been out of their comfort zone for Many years. There doesn't appear to be anything happening in response to the concerns I raise here and on other sites and forums. Now, I've been aware all the time that to Massively increase the readership of this site, all that needs to happen, is for this site/content to end up in Court ! But she never explains who exactly this Aboriginal is ! According to the AVI we Still the Most Disadvantaged in All Areas.! Including Over-representation in all the worst aspects of life in this Country. It would seem that all this Symbolism/Tokenism could all have been a very expensive waste of time and of very little value. The Congress exists because the Government needs an indigenous filing cabinet to put Aboriginal issues into. Whitefullas walking on the street or even when sitting in a pub, become wary and apprehensive if they see a Blackfulla approaching. With their One-Dimensional Views and Agendas, Promote and Perpetuate the Entrenched View that We will Always need Other People to do things for Us. No doubt, with us Blackfullas being Known to be a Resilient and Durable Mob, one way or another, from and including ADC, onwards, if we Discount/never had, all that flowed from, i.e. But Seriously, I heard one very Misleading Statement from one of the Main Blackfullas.! Two well known and prominent members of the Aboriginal and broader community of South Brisbane. It seems that I am just going over and repeating myself. Abbott is about to increase the resources sales to the Chinese Government. ) old .357 magnum Smith & Wesson and making this Country a safer place ! (alb)Watching NITV, the whole Indigenous Media Industry is centred around Victim-Hood. This festival seems no more than one of them feel-good PR exercises promoted by Rhoda Roberts. Lila Watsonkept going on about Aboriginal terms of Reference. And what Progress or Positivity has the Sovereignty Activists achieved so far.? In return for Symbolic, Token Advancements and Achievements. Sovereignty, Close the Gap, Constitutional Recognition, the UN Rights of Indigenous People, Native Title Yes, even the Embassy and NADOC and Reconciliation. All Symbolic and according to the AVI and their stats, we are No Better Off.! And with a million incentive and with no Clear Accountability Guidelines, it is an offer that the AVI simply Could Not Refuse. And they let the Aboriginal elite think it was their idea. These Professional Aboriginal Activists and/or so called, Defenders of Human Rights. (alb)And is an initiative/creation of Lila Watsonand Mary Graham. Again, I really don't know what more I can add to these issues. A wool processor warning against the Chinese being the only customer. I know that they, the Chinese Government, own many iron ore mines in this Country. If I was physically able, I would have no hesitation in digging up the trusty ( rusty ? Giovanna Webb, crocodile farmer and Australian Rural woman of the year wants to involve and teach Aboriginal women the industry as they keep the communities together. Again where the Aboriginal performers paint themselves white to cover their pale skin.!? The point seemed to be lost on the smiling interviewer.! And with their vast combined experience in this area, they knew exactly what they were doing.!

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